Fear The Walking Atlanta Sports Fan


I was slow to warm to the show The Walking Dead initially. It seemed nothing more than an honorable band of individuals exhibiting feats of bravery and brutality while staving off the flesh-thirsty zombie horde out to make a meal of their arms, legs, or whatever other body parts their rapidly rotting molars could sink into. The show was about 3.5 seasons when I started watching and it wasn’t long before I was a fan of the show, not a hardcore fanatic – I’m not online the moment an episode ends looking for theories nor am I in the bookstores sitting cross legged in the aisles flipping through every TWD graphic novel – but a fan nonetheless. As a person that needs to have things ironed out and tied up in a nice little bow in the shows I watch, the main issue that I have with the show is that I have no idea of the origin of the show’s apocalypse, dude just woke up one day and the country was just overrun with these things out and eat and maim. For years this bothered me, even as I watched and enjoyed the twists and turns of the show, I needed to know where this virus, this plague, originated. Little did I know that the origin story was aired on Fox last Sunday night ahead of the TWD midseason premiere coming up on the February 12th.

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Atlanta Heads West…All of Us.

Atlanta Falcons Fans

Dear Citizens of Houston:

Hello friends, I bring you greetings from the proud, oft traffic snarled, city of Atlanta. I wanted to reach out to you this week because I’ve been to Houston several times over the last 20 years or so and I like you guys, a lot actually. I needed to alert you that although you’re experiencing beautiful late January weather, a storm is coming your way. If you still yourself and lean your good ear to the east you’ll hear the faint sound of suitcases zipping shut, vehicle engines starting, and the faint strains of “Weee ready…Weee ready…Weee ready for y’all…” drifting in on an afternoon breeze.  It is a storm dressed in red and black, an Iceman its leader, and a bird of prey its symbol. We are indeed ready; it is the intent of this letter writer to make sure that the fair city of Houston is ready as well. Below you will find a number of items that I hope will prove helpful for the onslaught, I mean, arrival of Atlanta residents to your fair city.

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Cam Newton and the Podium Debacle


THERE ARE LOTS of good takes on either side regarding Cam Newton’s emotional post game actions last night at the podium. Personally, I’ll just go out here and say I thought it was a weak move on his part.

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It’s You, Not Me, Falcons.

It's You

**gathers all the Atlanta Falcons in a room and closes the door quietly**

You know what, guys? Enough.

No more.

I give.

I’ve been a fan of you guys for just about 34 years of my life. My Granddaddy loved y’all when you arrived in this city in 1966 until the day he left this Earth. My Dad loves y’all lamenting the woeful Falcon teams he was offered autumn after autumn… and I love y’all, honest I do, but on the real, I’m tired.

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10.7.13: Worst Sports Night Ever

Here Lies Atlanta Sports

I’d felt this kind of dread before. It was the icy morning of the NFC Divisional Playoff a few years ago when the Falcons hosted the Green Bay Packers in the Georgia Dome. The dread was real, palpable, and there was no doubt in my mind that the same feeling sat heavy in the consciousness of every Atlanta sports fan in this city. Murphy’s Law was likely written and conceived in the city of Atlanta and on October 7th, 2013 there were a multitude of things that could, and ultimately did go wrong. This is the recap of the single worst sports day in the history of our solar system. Continue reading

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Thoughts From The Weekend, Vol. 2

For the first time in a while I spent a weekend out of the confines of metro Atlanta. Needed some time to reevaluate things and break away from the familiar for a while so I jumped in the car, pointed it northward, and got out of dodge. The road trip was kinda lengthy so there was plenty of time to for random thoughts and such. Some of which are listed for you below. Continue reading

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Manscaping and Near Death Experiences

Author’s Note: A few friends that frequent my blog asked what’s been going on with me lately? They said that I didn’t seem myself with all the encouragement and motivational type blogs that I’ve been up to lately, not that encouragement and motivation suck, but it is a departure from the material that usually occupies this space. I told them that I would attempt to find my way back to that type material so I give you today, a story about my near death experience. Obviously. -Skrap


I have yet to find a way to slow the calendar so birthdays continue to come but getting a little older doesn’t mean that I have to resign myself to feeling lethargic and heavy, right?  At some point we have all looked at ourselves in a mirror and perhaps come to the realization we should take better care of ourselves. But then we get lazy and we find the our food better when its fried and before you know it two months have passed and we’ve still not managed to get our tails off the couch and onto a treadmill. It would be so simple if we just had the ability to decide to do better and then make better happen; most of us, though, need a severe kick in the hindquarters in order to get ourselves together. I got my wake up call during the final week of January of this year when I nearly died, kind of. Continue reading

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Sports, Superstitions, and Silliness…

“When you believe in things that you don’t understand, then you suffer…” -Stevie Wonder

I’m a slave to sports. My TV is almost always on a channel with the letters ESPN in it. When I was a kid my father and I would use sports as an escape because, let’s face it, living in a house with three women (my Mom and two sisters) was a daunting proposition what with fluctuating estrogen levels and wavering emotional states. Since those escapes with my Dad long ago, sports has gained a much larger market share of my emotions, and apparently my brain, and if I don’t get a hold of myself, or the Atlanta Falcons don’t lose soon, I’m going to catch my end due to pneumonia. Okay, let me explain. Continue reading

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Gabby Douglas, Obama, and the Overprotective Play Auntie

The Olympics are inspiring. What began, for me anyway, as largely an exercise in boredom has begun to gain momentum in such a way that it is now a fixture on my television set. Strangely, my favorite event to watch has been rowing which is odd since I’ve never been on a boat that didn’t have Royal Caribbean written on the side. Water Polo is pretty cool in that no one is arrested after having tried to drown a person with a ball, and of course swimming is cool, not for the awesomeness that is Michael Phelps, but tuning in to see if anyone at all that swims in Lane 8 can finish anything better than last (Honestly, watch the Lane 8 swimmers, they are a missed breath away from drowning in the pool nearly every race). However, how could you not be captivated by the achievements of the women’s gymnastics team of the United States collectively winning the team gold and then having that followed up by an individual gold medal by brand spanking new American sweetheart, Gabrielle Douglas.

Oh, and about Gabrielle. Continue reading

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Dude, It’s The Marching Band!

‘Sup folk…

Last week my church had the honor of hosting the funeral of a young man, Robert Champion, that unfortunately lost his life due to reasons that the educational institution he attended, Florida A&M University, or the organization he was a member of, the famed Marching 100, have yet to uncover. From the jump people have speculated the possibilities of what befell the student but the most frequent allegation that has come out of the mouth of people is hazing. Usually associated with fraternities, sororities and the like, hazing takes place on just about every campus in these United States in one form or another. Maybe this is done to harden the underlings, to give a 21 year old the chance to let an unsuspecting 19 year old know who’s boss, or just a device to make one co-ed feel more powerful than another co-ed; I won’t claim to know about any of it but I will say this:

Dude, you’re in the f*ckin’ band.

The marching band used to be the place that all the kids not capable of the appropriate violence that it took to play football went when looking for a fall activity. They would go to band camp with their clarinets, trumpets, tubas and retainers and practice their routines to perform at halftime during the football season. And when they were done with that they would play the fight song and the drum line would rock out with some cadences in the stands and then the game would end and they would sway back and forth with their mates as the school alma mater played. Then they would march out of the stadium to the band room, put their instruments away, and then go to wherever marching band members congregated after the game. That’s the marching band I knew but when I mention these memories people are quick to shoo my memories away because “Skrap went to a racially balanced high school with a corps style band” or “Skrap went to a predominantly white college so he won’t understand how we do it.”

What’s not to understand though? It’s the marching band right?

I’m not going to front like I can even try to comprehend this madness, I won’t, I need my brain cells and don’t want to kill the number necessary to compute why there is any sort of violence, whether internal or versus another band, in a daggone marching band. I have friends and acquaintances that have marched in the Marching 100, The Human Jukebox (Southern University), the Marching Storm (Prairie View A&M), they are all reasonable human beings for the most part. I’ve asked a couple of them in the last few days since the Robert Champion incident what they experienced, the last reply I got was, “Man, come on now.” Typically when a man tells you, “Man, come on now” he either wants to: a)Change the subject, or b)Deflect the question because he would have to tell you an answer that incriminates. Even so, since when is the marching band the home for underground organizations? For hazing? For any activity other than keeping your formations tight and your sound clear? Since when does the fight happen at halftime and not during the actual football game? (I’m looking at you Southern vs. Prairie View and any other intra-school band fight that helped inspire the movie Drumline)

This is the f*ckin’ Marching Band, dude.

And on the off chance that there is hazing, and I’m just gonna go ahead and say for the sake of this piece that it exists in the freakin’ marching band of all places, what does it accomplish? Honestly? Does anything hazing entails (deprivation, threats, physical abuse, etc) actually make a person a better band member? If I, say, take a portion of a section member’s travel money will that make her notes cleaner while she’s high stepping her way across the field? If the trumpets decide to gang up on the young freshman that joins the band will that make him a more effective crowd pleaser when the dance section of the show fires off? What does it prove? What does it accomplish? Honestly…what? The question is rhetorical so don’t bother trying to answer, if you did I’m pretty sure I’d tune you out simply for trying to justify the madness.

Because it’s the f*ckin’ marching band, dude.

Now I don’t want to try any of you band types because obviously things have changed dramatically and I certainly don’t want any of these new fangled band members that “I just wouldn’t understand” to go and pop the trunk on me; last thing I want is for someone to roll up on me wielding a trombone and run up on me looking to use it as a weapon. I just wonder what’s happening to not only the bands, but the institutions that are supposed to be preparing the young people in their care to be responsible citizens. I know, I know…it happens everywhere, it’s not just us, and the White schools do it too. You’re exactly right, they do, but you also know that those institutions aren’t looked at in the same way as the FAMU’s and the Southern’s and the (name your HBCU here); not fair but that’s the way it is. But fair or not, Black or not, White or not isn’t the issue. The issue is silliness and stupidity gone too far, you can play a stirring rendition of “We Fall Down, But We Get Up” and have all the candlelight vigils you want, but illogical behavior, in one form or another be it hazing or otherwise, caused the loss of a life…in a f*ckin’ marching band, and that’s something that I won’t understand.

And I’m sure the family of young Mr. Champion won’t either.

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