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Three Weekend Tidbits: Vol. 1

We just had the first really beautiful weekend of the year here in Atlanta. The temperatures topped out at 76 degrees, tree blooms came out to play and people were everywhere – in the parks, cruising in their cars, in the malls – all trying to take in the first occurrence of Spring weather. I, of course, was numbered amongst those out in the sun as I spent most the weekend outdoors. As I usually do when I’m out and about I keep my notepad app on my phone at the ready in case I see something interesting. The following is a couple of questions and tidbits that I typed in my phone while I was around the city the last couple of days. Continue reading

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The Unlikely Salsa Guy Thwarted

MY SHYNESS gets in the way, it always has. It sometimes takes a while to get my nerve up to speak to someone new or, in the case that I’m writing about today, to ask someone to dance. I enjoy salsa dancing; I tripped over salsa accidentally about 4 years ago and since then it’s been one of my favorite weekend activities. You might say, “You’ve been doing it for years, why in the world are you shy about asking someone to dance?” That’s a valid inquiry. While I manage to acquit myself in a decent fashion on the salsa floor, I’m not the slinky, dark haired, salsa maven that women watch the entrance for at a salsa party. On the hierarchy of salsa dancers there are the Ricky Martin look-alikes at the top of the totem pole and then a little further down are the guys like me that look like part time NFL fullbacks. But I’ve done better lately, in most cases I can walk right up to a lady and lead her to the dance floor and do just fine (for an NFL fullback look-alike), however, there are a few dancers that I can’t seem to break through with, like this one lady for instance… Continue reading

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The Wobble and the Black Man

I hate to write blogs that are more than 80% race specific. I think that it cuts down the complete comprehension level of my potential reading audience if I get too “problem specific” in my subject matter; but sometimes it can’t be helped, sometimes it’s unavoidable, sometimes I have to launch out into the deep to help my fellow man and sharers of the Black race. That time is now…and it’s because of line dancing. We’ve all been guilty of having done one or two in our day: The Electric Slide, The Cha Cha Slide, The Cupid Shuffle –they’re easy to pick up, they’re a tad addictive, and they’re not gender specific…except The Wobble.

The Wobble (a.k.a. the “Big Girl Anthem”) is a line dance – wait, check that – The Wobble is like the Godzilla of line dances. You can be at a small house party consisting of 6 people and a cat, having drinks and a generally good time, but then someone will make the mistake of turning on The Wobble and upon the first “OOOH!!” women will be kicking down your doors, sliding down your fireplace, and breaking out your windows and before you know it you have 53 people you don’t even know in your house doing The Wobble. Fact. It’s documented. Continue reading

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