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Issues of Importance – The 2012 Election

Before I get started with the subject matter for the day I’d like to inform you all that “THE OUTFIT” is now 6-0. Just an update on that important subject matter first talked about HERE. A made 55 yard field goal with five seconds remaining for the win? I’m just sayin’.


As it always is with election season you have candidates that do their best to pander to the masses in order to get votes so they can sit in a big chair someplace behind a big desk to be about the business of forgetting to commit to all the promises they swore to keep while they were at your church/community center/soup kitchen the prior 6 months. Of course since I’m a Black dude, I find myself in a demographic that’s constantly being preached to as to how my plight is understood and how my pain is felt and, recently, how the economy can be made more equal for me as a Black dude in the Black community.

Now, strengthening the economy is a huge deal for Black dudes and non-Black dudes alike but I have more pressing issues than job creation and the return of manufacturing to our nation’s great shores. So I have put together the Skrapdiggy Platform, all of the things that I need to see done to make my, and a good number of my Black brethren’s lives better. Without further ado, I present that list to you in the form of the questions that I would ask at a debate that I hope to monitor within the next couple of weeks. Continue reading

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Gripe Away, America!!

I just finished a 7 month stint on America’s Unemployment Line. It was a jaunt full of despair, weekends devoid of social activity, and countless ridiculous job fairs and what I discovered, other than the fact that not having money sucks on several levels is that people are extremely hypersensitive about the most harmless things. For example…

I was sitting in a room with a group of friends one Friday night while I was in the midst of unemployment hell having a decent time hanging out and, as is typical, the conversation turned to work. What I’ve found is that when you take “shop talk” and then add a few beers then multiply that by the shattered employment hopes you wished of as a child, you typically get a room full of people talking about how much they hate their jobs and their lives as a byproduct. Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth about what could have been; how they could have been an architect or a fighter pilot instead of a grunt worker pushing piles of paper to and fro on their desks on a day to day basis (S/N: That last sentence brought to you by…alliteration!). And typically this may go on for 5, 10, maybe even 20 minutes, this discussion of their morbid day to day plantation stories until they look over across the table and see me, the poor jobless sap who just a moment before was laughing to their tales of woe but has now brought the room to an awkward silence because I have no recent story to tell. So what then? The backtracking, that’s what.

“But I’m fortunate; I’m not ungrateful like that.”

“There’s always someone out there that hates their job more, so it’s not that bad.”

“No, I don’t really hate hate my job, that’s just me talking, man. It’s cool.”

All the while they’d look at me for some look of forgiveness like they’ve done wrong by me because they said what 90% of America was thinking at the time. Yes, the economy stinks. Yes, unemployment rates are the highest they’ve been since the Depression. Yes, if you have any job at all you should thank your lucky stars you have one.

But for goodness sakes, allow yourselves to vent without regret regardless of who is in the room. With political correctness what it is we have to walk on enough eggshells; don’t add onto it by suppressing the need to talk about:

  • Your awful cubicle neighbor that talks too loud about nothing you want to hear about.
  • The punk manager that denied your leave request.
  • The fact that you hate the thought of getting up in the morning to go to the office.
  • The “do-gooder” employee that ratted out all the office Facebookers.

And especially…

  • The coworker that thinks it’s socially acceptable to reheat fish in the break room microwave.

As a man fresh off the unemployment line, I’m giving the okay for all work related gripes whenever you feel like it regardless of who is in the room. No one considers you ungrateful but you will be called out for being a liar if you say that everything is hunky-dory and that there’s nothing at all you can gripe about…in the case you ARE that happy, you’re probably the same person that rats out the Facebookers at your job.

What’s your gripe? Let it out! Save yourself the ulcer you’ll likely have later if you swallow your frustration. To spur your thought, the young lady in this video will probably bring someone in your office to mind…

~thanks for reading 🙂

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