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It’s You, Not Me, Falcons.

It's You

**gathers all the Atlanta Falcons in a room and closes the door quietly**

You know what, guys? Enough.

No more.

I give.

I’ve been a fan of you guys for just about 34 years of my life. My Granddaddy loved y’all when you arrived in this city in 1966 until the day he left this Earth. My Dad loves y’all lamenting the woeful Falcon teams he was offered autumn after autumn… and I love y’all, honest I do, but on the real, I’m tired.

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Awaken Your Try

I REALLY WANTED TO BE an architect as a kid; I went through more sketch pads than I can count drawing all sorts of buildings. I had books as a 9-10 year old about skyscraper architecture, I was especially fond of John Portman who designed some of the more iconic buildings of the Atlanta skyline; to this day I still giggle at the notion that I was interested in John Portman when the rest of my friends were outside playing stickball. I drew buildings a lot, often mimicking designs from my skyscraper books but mostly I drew stadiums. I drew domed stadiums, open air stadiums, stadiums with elaborate parking decks, somewhere in a sketch pad at about 12 years old I drew a retractable roof football stadium long before there were any retractable roof football stadiums as there are now. I drew college stadiums complete with special seating areas and walkways for the marching bands, I drew pro football stadiums for fictional football teams called the Sharks and the Mudcats with ridiculously large video screens and upwards of 8-9 tiers of seats. I drew stadiums that sat on banks of rivers and stadiums built into the base of mountains. I drew lots and lots of stadiums, I’d like to venture a guess that I would go through 3-4 sketch pads every summer, 80% of each of them was some form of sports venue. I knew that when I got older I was going to design those things for a living, that those stadiums would jump off the page and into some city someplace and real people would file in and out of the gates that I drew and that they would watch touchdowns and enjoy fireworks like that ones I’d depicted in colored pencil and marker. I desperately wanted to design stadiums and buildings when I grew up but something happened along the way. Math happened. Continue reading

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