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Your Internal Inconsiderate Bastard

The trophy wife. I don’t know any man that hasn’t dreamed of having one and if a man isn’t the marrying type then he at least wants a beautiful trophy woman he can count on to take to dinner, to travel with, to hang out with, and to basically have on his arm to show off; especially when our boys are around. This was the topic of conversation with me and some of my boys at one of our most recent beer summits here inAtlantawhere the single amongst us talked of what we preferred to have in a woman while our married brethren drank and nodded their heads where appropriate. We talked about shapes, sizes, long hair or short, her relationship with God, career, education, and ability to string together multiple complete sentences and since there was beer and men in attendance we talked about the required freakiness quotient of the woman in question…of course. And once we were done with our build-a-woman project we had the perfect being, equal parts sexy and intelligent with highly proportioned curves with long or short hair (because we couldn’t come to a consensus on that). And after all of that over a table full of beer bottles at varying levels of empty a voice of reason rang out, “Damn, that chick is too good for us!” to which we all laughed a bit.

But it was true. At least a little bit.

I think it is safe to say that all men have said they want the trophy wife with the pretty smile, the sweet demeanor, and the body that looks delectable in, what else, a sundress but what about us? The least we can do is do is our part, right? The hell a dude look like requesting a woman that’s all proportioned and whatnot when they haven’t been to the gym in a month? What is a man gonna do with a financially stable woman when he has bad debt?

I forgot where I heard this from but some of the best advice I ever heard was to be the person that I’m trying to attract. You want a successful woman, be successful. You want a fine woman, get in the gym reduce your body fat and be a fine man yourself, you want a woman with her own stuff, be a man with stuff of your own; otherwise you’re just an inconsiderate bastard for asking for something you know you damn well don’t deserve. And that makes plenty of sense. You can’t walk into a bank with a 512 credit score and come out with a home loan for $500,000 unless you have a mean hookup, or a gun and a mask. Same concept when you’re considering mates. Sure you can luck up and get one for a night but on a permanent basis it’s going to be hard to walk away with the All American prospect if you’ve got nothing to offer.

Be the person you want to attract. It doesn’t have to be money or material (though, it helps your case lol). Be a good person with a good heart with good intentions with the aspirations of being a better you every day; that’s a start. But by all means, bring something, some kind of life collateral because that woman, the all inclusive trophy wife type, or that man, the chiseled business conscious everyman, is out there for you to snatch up. They just have to know that what you are right now isn’t all that they’re getting.

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